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Farmer’s Wife Quilt Sampler

Last year my gorgeous sister brought me back from America a huge fat quarter bundle of the very delicious ‘Ruby’ by Bonnie & Camille. I fell in love with it the first time I clapped eyes on pictures of items made in it.

I have had this gorgeous bundle preciously stored away and I had no set plans for it, except that it had to be something truly special. I took a deep breath and cut into some of it to make Miss Giraffe – and what a fine giraffe she is, even if I do say so myself!

I was on one of usual project searches when I came across a Farmer’s Wife Quilt Sampler quilt-along. I can’t say this was the first time we had crossed paths, but this time I looked a little more into it and found a group of ladies, some who were halfway through and others who were just starting out. They were very friendly and encouraging so I decided I would give it a go, knowing exactly which material this quilt was to be made of.

The Farmer’s Wife quilt is made up of up to 111 6-inch blocks, each of them different. There are instructions on piecing smaller quilts using fewer blocks so if I find myself struggling, I can always finish off when it feels right for me.

And so, as one of my many challenges of 2012, I have begun a very long project with a lot of little pieces, no pressure and no deadline. I hope to learn some new techniques along the way and discover some new design possibilities.

Here are the first pictures of my FWQ project…

Sorry about the picture quality – my phone was low on charge so the flash didn’t turn on. I’ll post pictures of the FWQ blocks as I go along.

The above are:

  • [1] Attic Windows
  • [2] Autumn Tints
  • [4] Basket Weave

Number [3] is missing because it was very late when I was cutting the pieces for the blocks out and I really wanted to squeeze in a third so Basket Weave it was. When you see [3] Basket, you’ll understand why it was easier to opt for cutting number [4].

I am also working on a pair of charity quilts to auction in an attempt to raise some funds and awareness for a couple of causes I am supporting this year. I’ll write a little more about those next time.

First of 2012

Here’s what I made on New Year’s Day!

Miss Giraffe will be accompanying me on my adventures this year! You can follow us on my other blog Before 40 Challenge.

Last of 2011

Here are piccies of the last thing I made in 2011…

I really love this one. I was so pleased with it when it was done. I’ll be making more!

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting piccies of the first make of 2012!

Happy New Year!

I really need to make more of an effort to update here this year.

Happy new year everyone!

This is what has been happening since the last time I posted…

Sorry all the images are they wrong way around – the image editor won’t let me change them for some reason. I’ll have a play with with them later when the WP gallery is being less temperamental.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting piccies of the last make of 2011.

Productive? A little.

I played for three hours with buttons this evening and produced five little gifties. Thankfully a lot of that time was spend making the all-important decision of what to do next and I am not really that slow! I hope.

Unfortunately, I can’t say or show what they are until they are with their recipients. I’ll have some new photos to post in the next couple of weeks as Christmas tends to be my busiest time!

I still have four of the five challenge projects to complete and post by the end of the year. Where can I find some time?


So much yumminess!

There are so many cute crafting/sewing blogs out there that my Sewing Bookmarks are a mile-long list! So once you’ve bookmarked a blog, how do you keep up with it without losing your life to the internet?

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

I came across the Happy Zombie quite a while ago and always find her a joy to read. Her style is bright and cheerful, her tone light and bouncy, and although the word ‘zombie’ inspires dark and gruesome images, there is nothing dark about this lovely lady, in fact, take a nosey at her gorgeous studio! This is what I’m dreaming of. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

So maybe I should sort through my bookmarked links and organise my computer, and in the process decide which blogs I enjoy most and see what I am left with. It’ll be easier to catch up once things are listed better.

It’s less than two weeks til Christmas and I still have LOADS to do! I had better get off the computer then ,hadn’t I?


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